Realtor®–Part I, New Construction Home Inspection–ROOFS

A new construction experienced Realtor® can guide you through the process of your home.   Inspections can be done the foundation pour, framing completion, and pre-walk through.  Also, it is a great idea to have an eleven-month post purchase inspection to be able to advise the builder of any warranty issues prior to the one year expiration.  SIGN UP NOW and find out how you can be reimbursed for a large portion of your inspection costs!

It is estimated that approximately 70-80% of people that buy new construction homes directly from home builders do not have the homes properly and thoroughly inspected. Builders -explain that they have their own inspectors to maintain quality.  Some builders even say they have independent 3rd party inspectors.  The reality is, the builders are over loaded and 3rd party inspectors are basically subcontractors working exclusively for the builder.

Many buyers believe that the house, including the roof, are  “new.” Choosing to not have the roof and house thoroughly inspected however can be an expensive mistake.

Inspection issues often found on brand new homes:

  • Roof shingles damaged by workers walking on the roof, dropping tools and bricks, etc.  Often, this issues can cause leaks in the short term on what you believe to be a 20-30 year roof.  Often, after your 1 year builder warranty expires, you are on your own.  In DFW, the erratic occurrence of heavy rain might not even show up the first year.   Viewed from the ground, the roof may look fine.  Sometimes the roofers run out of the color shingle for your home, and mismatch colors from shingles they have from other houses.
  • Flashing and vent pipes are an integral part of the roof integrity.



Soffit Damage